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AB Lake

Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. is a heavy equipment contractor based in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta specializing in GPS navigation for heavy equipment applications. Formed in 1997, Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. has been operating in the oil patch throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. Primarily working in the seismic exploration sector of the oil industry, Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. has been a forerunner in successfully utilizing GPS technology on heavy equipment in order to produce and clear seismic line right-of ways. This unique combination has resulted in an industry wide reduction in line clearing costs and environmental impact while increasing the level of safety for line clearing operations.

Our mission is to create an answer to the growing need for more efficient line clearing techniques in the seismic industry. Chevallier Geo-Con Ltd. will continue as an industry leader in implementing new technologies, equipment and methodology into its operations and will strive to maintain ongoing development in these areas.

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